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Feb. 2, 2018, Austin, Texas -

Welcome back, Gorgeous!

Announcing the release of the 2017 Dandy Rosé.

Spring is near and the new vintage of the “little pink gem” that Texas Monthly’s Jessica Dupuy described as a “wine that prompted the pleasured cry, ‘Hello Gorgeous!’ at first taste” is on its way to a picnic basket near you.

Austin sommelier and wine maker Rae Wilson’s Dandy Rosé is back to welcome the season.

This year’s release builds again on previous success with a more than 600-case offering to keep Austin’s flourishing pink fanatics quaffing well into the warm nights to come.

As always, Dandy Rosé showcases Texas’ natural aptitude for young, fresh wines. Abundant heat adds ripeness to the crisp, dry quality lent by the porous body of complex sediments that make up Texas’ windswept panhandle plateaus from which this year’s vintage comes. Just the type of dynamic terroir that creates the bracing, thirst-quenching quality that makes Rosé wines the warm-weather go-to the world over.

With projects in the works featuring multiple Texas regions, Wilson is a proud pioneer among the growing number of producers making wines from 100 percent Texas fruit. And as one of the first, Dandy Rosé has deep roots in the hardscrabble world of Texas wine growers. But despite its agricultural pedigree, Dandy’s heart is in the city.

From the high altitude plateaus of the Texas High Plains straight to our porches and terraces, Dandy Rosé is Austin’s wine. Lush. Balanced. Youthful. Fun.

Plus watch for the exclusive first run of Dandy Bubbles coming this June!


About the Winemaker

Photo courtesy of Texas Wine Lover.

Austin Sommelier/Winemaker, Rae Wilson, founded Wine For the People in 2010, tapping 20 years experience in the food & wine industry, including time learning winemaking in California and Portugal.

Curious of the burgeoning Texas wine industry, she worked her first Texas Hill Country harvest in 2011, and by 2014 began establishing a small vineyard on a friend's Blanco County property.  

Dandy Rosé started in 2014 with one single barrel (25 cases), and received generous support from Austin's vibrant food & wine community. The 2017 vintage is in restaurants and wine bars across Texas & NYC!